How to Survive The World Cup

Over the Summer holidays, before the second year of university started, we were asked to create four zines. One of the zines had to be a response to the 2010 world cup. I let out somewhat of a groan upon hearing this brief as I thought I'd be able to escape the whole thing what with already having a holiday booked towards the end of the championship. Luckily I managed to get round watching most of the games (even though my boyfriend at the time insisted we watch every one in the hotel's bar) by creating a 'how to' guide in surviving/avoiding the world cup with a football-mad partner.

I do cringe slightly now when I look back at this. What on earth was I thinking with my choice of font?! I did enjoy this brief though in the end. It was a laugh coming up with different ways in avoiding the football. Some suggestions however were too rude and sadly didn't make the zine!

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