Recipe: Crème Brûlée

"Crème brûlée is the ultimate 'guy' dessert. Make it and he'll follow you anywhere." 
- Ina Garten.

With Valentine's Day just a sleep away, I have come over all domesticated and spent the morning in the kitchen preparing for the three-course meal I have promised to cook my other half. Whether you believe in the cynicism or romanticism of this day, you can't disagree that going out is cheap (although I admit I have seen a fair few good deals on at some of my favourite restaurants).

This year I have made the executive decision that we will be staying in for our celebration - affordable, comfortable surroundings and more importantly, you can hear what each other are saying! To give myself a bit of a head start I have got the meat marinating in the fridge for the next 24 hours and have made one of my guy's favourite desserts, Crème Brûlée.

[44] The Pattern Library

(The Pattern Library)

Recently I have become fascinated with patterns, whether that be those designed for use on stationery, the clothes we wear or the wallpaper we spend hours choosing for our homes.

The Pattern Library is an ongoing online project which collates and shares patterns with those wishing to use freely in their own designs. Designers of all abilities can share their original patterns with project pioneers Tim Holman and Claudio Guglieri, before they are released to the world wide web.

This easy-to-scroll-through site is great for small bursts of inspiration and the perfect go-to place for a contemporary, unique and playful pattern to use in your own designs!