Stamp Series: Japan

How many of you have been to Japan? And if so, what was the thing you loved the most about the country? It's a country I haven't ever really had the urge to visit, yet I know there's so much there that I'd probably be in awe the whole time. 

About a month ago Sophie, owner of Oh My Clumsy Heart online jewellery brand, visited Tokyo and I was keen to keep up with her Instagram feed whilst she was away. From the cityscapes to the traditional architecture, there is such a stark contrast between the old and the new. Japan is probably the equivalent of what we class as a 'superfood' when it comes to countries, always five steps ahead of where the rest of the world seems yet I love that they still are in tune with their history.

If you've been before, let me know what places you stayed in. I'd like to explore the country more and it may inspire me to create a more localised stamp.

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