Creative Process: Hummingbird Original

I thought it was about time that I shared some of my design process work. It's great when you get to share the final logo or design piece with the world, but I love being able to see the process and thoughts behind other creatives projects. Since leaving university this is something I have somewhat neglected (along with this blog) but just as it did then, being able to keep a 'journal' of my work and processes can help me improve. The worst thing about being a designer is always finding something that can be improved upon. This can mean that even after being really proud of a piece of work, no doubt somewhere down the line you'll look at it and start to pick at the bits you could have done better.

As you will have seen a couple of posts ago, I uploaded the final logo for Hummingbird Original. This was such a fun project to work on as I got the chance to create the visual identity for my sister's venture into the world of children's publishing. After creating a handful of concepts to present, it was requested that the logo take on a more circular shape to which could be transferred easily over to stickers and application on the back covers of the children's books.

Using quite an illustrative style and soft colour palette, the final design was exactly what my sister wanted. It not only reflects the name of the company in the logo mark, but it also has reference to sentimental value and uses imagery and colours which are well suited to the industry this start-up company is venturing into.

You can view an enlarged version of the final logo here.

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