Flat Design: Is this a Trend That is Here to Stay?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an editorial piece for A Little Opulent on flat design. My piece was more of an opinion on what people are referring to as a 'top trend for 2014', however the popularity in the style and the stunning aesthetics makes me believe that this is a style of design that is here to stay.

In most of my work throughout my time at university, I always ended up over-complicating not only the brief in my head but in the final outcome of the design. Over time I have learned that less is more and to strip back my ideas to the basics. This is where I find flat design to be my saving grace. Because of the pure simplicity and clean lines of the style, I am forced in that case to keep my design as easy as possible. Above are a few examples of flat design that have caught my eye on Dribbble this last week.

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