Savour the Moment

Today I wanted to take a bit of time to think about where I am and the importance of all the little things. I've seen this list floating around on a few blogs (Veda House + Breanna Rose) and thought it would be a great way of reflecting on what is currently making me happy. Last year I made a conscious decision to try and make the most of my time. This is a great way of keeping a record of these moments.

MAKING an effort to share my work more on this blog and my Instagram.
COOKING chilli con carne. Always.
DRINKING lots of elderflower cordial + water (pro tip: add some into a glass of prosecco).
READING design reference books.
WANTING to get a house with my man.
LOOKING at my pin-board world map and planning where I want to travel to.
PLAYING Daniela Andrade's version of La Vie En Rose – so beautiful!
WASTING my weekends when I just laze about the house.
SEWING nothing, absolutely nothing.
WISHING to visit the West Coast, USA within the next two years.
ENJOYING how slowly the weekends seem to be going lately.
WAITING to go to Bruges the end of the month!
LIKING that Spring is just a couple of weeks away.
WONDERING what the future holds – who doesn't?!
LOVING my new found inspiration + drive.
HOPING that this year is going to be the best yet!
MARVELLING at how much we all rely on technology these days (yes, I am guilty).
NEEDING to see my friends more.
SMELLING my perfume.
WEARING my go-to cosy outfit of leggings + a loose tee.
FOLLOWING my gut with every decision.
NOTICING how much older I look – which is a good thing – now I've had my hair cut.
KNOWING that I can achieve anything I want if I work for it.
THINKING about whether I'll be able to fit in an episode of House of Cards later.
BOOKMARKING inspiration for my Stamp Series project.
OPENING my heart more + more.
GIGGLING at all the memes I get sent by my fella.
FEELING content.

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