World IBD Day

In the last couple of days I have started work on a new brief for a symposium on May 19th - World IBD Day. This is a day internationally promoted to recognise the need for awareness and support of those living with Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Being a sufferer myself, this is a matter very close to my heart and a project that I accepted with no qualms.

With a fairly open brief, I have been allowed full creative control to begin with for the design of the poster and I'm hoping that I hit the criteria of informing, involving and inspiring IBD patients to attend this event.

To begin with I started thinking about what IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) really is. Being a digestive disorder and one that mainly affects the bowel, I looked into the shape widely recognised with this organ. Not wanting to make the design too obvious, I broke down this bumpy/wavy-like shape of the bowel into separate circles - this could also represent the gas molecules present - and focused on the colour used to represent IBD.

Purple colour palette to be used for poster #1
Once I had figured out the layout and gathered all of the information together, the poster was quick and easy to compile. I didn't want this design to be over-crowded by all of the information, however with the use of the 'bubbles' for different components I was able to keep the simplicity in tact. I believe the colours and presentation appeal to those of all ages and would also stand out well in IBD clinics.

For the next design I wanted to incorporate the idea of the 'symposium', the coming together of all of those who suffer, their family and friends whether it be for support or just to meet others who can sympathise. Wanting to keep the 'fun' element in all of my designs as to appeal to everyone and encourage them to attend the event, I went about creating several characters to relate to the uniting of all these people on the day.

Meet the IBD gang!
The main details of the event shall be placed in the speech bubble above the characters, but I'm hoping to play around with the type-setting tomorrow as to maintain the fun and appealing nature of my designs.