A public declaration of principles, policies, or intentions, especially of a political nature.

Our second module during the first year was to create our own personal manifesto. Not only was this brief to make us think about how we would present and layout our individual manifestos but also make us think carefully about what work ethics we had, if any.

As inspiration and a guide for this brief we were told to look at the manifesto of designer, Bruce Mau. Being completely lost on direction with this at first, I found Mau's manifesto really useful. I had never before thought about my values as a designer.

I pastiched my design from the Lululemon manifesto as each point stood out against all others. There was nothing being overshadowed by something else, and with a manifesto I believe you really need to take into account everything, not just a small bit of it. 

After two years I still stand by everything that makes up my manifesto. I don't think I'd add or take away anything.

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