Book Binding Stress

With the deadline of GRD 311 two days away, I had to make sure that my back-up copy for my children's book was printed and bound incase UPS don't deliver my book to me tomorrow (which I'm pretty sure is going to be the case).

In true last-minute style I came across a couple of disasters, resulting in me having three attempts of making my own copy. Thankfully I can say I managed to resolve all issues pretty swiftly and have even got my evaluation out of the way also. Only thing left to do tomorrow is sort out my presentation for Thursday's hand-in. I'm not a great public speaker so I'm not looking forward to those 3 minutes at all. I know they're just going to drag so much and tomato face is going to come into play!

When my professionally printed copy arrives I should be able to put up photographs of some of the page spreads. At the moment I'm too scared to open my printed copy in the fear that it will just fall apart in my hands.

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