Hot Off The Press

... well shortly anyway!

Finally sent off my book today to Blurb to get printed. It took me a good hour to actually hit the 'Order Book' button due to my absolute fear that it's not going to come out well. However I've been assured by a few people that their previous experience with the company has been a good one so my faith is resting on that. I'm printing my own anyway as a back-up just incase it doesn't get shipped to me before my deadline, or if it does turn out to be dire. Must be optimistic though.

Felt a great sense of pride when I'd uploaded my book on to their website. It just looks so professional!

I also have the option to make my book available to the public to buy if I ever feel like putting it out there. For now though I'm just looking forward to seeing how it comes out. Playing the waiting game is going to be the hardest part. Can't wait to feel it in my hands!

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