Typography Study: Flixonase

For this brief we had to take a set of instructions for a nasal drop product and re-arrange into a typographical layout which would be easier and more appealing to read. We were set free reign with the wording of the instructions so could remove parts that we felt weren't necessary or took up too much room.

I have to admit that I did struggle with this brief at first. Having not dealt with typography as such for a while, I wasn't quite sure on where to go with the layout and what was really being asked of us. However after a good chat with my lecturer I managed to make a start on re-wording the text and began placing it all in what I felt would be an easy-to-follow layout.

The first five instructions that appear are how to use the product and the remaining two are how to apply the medicine. I felt that these two different parts of the instructions needed to be separated and I believe I did this effectively with the bold text going horizontally across the page after the fifth instruction. To the right of the instructions are some bold captions which are the warning part of the instructions. I wanted to place them next to the relevant step so that the reader doesn't skim over them and miss important information.

I used Myriad for the font as it is legible and keeps that 'clean' look to the work. 

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