Healthy Food, Healthy You

My first taste of a self-initiated brief came during my second year at university. Our module 'Self Authorship' was a way of getting us to think outside of the box. We were told to start off by thinking about something, looking into things that interest you or that are going on around us. Basically we could enquire into anything. Although this might seem the ideal brief, I really struggled with it. Where would I start? What would I look at? And more importantly were my interests good enough for me to use as a starting point?

I think the hardest part of the project was not being allowed to think of a concept straight away. Warned against ideas, we had to keep enquiring into everything - gather new information and ask questions. In the end I settled upon something that was (and still is) quite relevant to me. My final outcome was to produce an informative booklet showing the benefits of certain types of foods for our body and how we can help prevent damage that occurs through choosing the right kinds of food.

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  1. When I was studying graphic design, we were give a couple of projects similar to this. And although they seemed amazing because they could be whatever we wanted, it was super hard! I LOVE what you've done, it looks really lovely!