Work in Progress

Had a rather productive day locked up in my room. Back into standard 'hermit' mode after a whistle-stop tour home to see the family. Really enjoying my project, and for once I'm not feeling completely stressed out. Trying to keep a calm head and I think it's helping with managing to get my 'to-do' list checked off easily enough.

Apologies for the bad photo (was using my phone camera), but this is one of the illustrations for my book. Along with a bit of text, which I'm still undecided about at the moment, it will highlight the areas of the room which are dangerous for children, i.e. the open fire.

Got another day of drawing ahead of me tomorrow after our morning course chat. Definitely hoping to get the remaining of my images done by latest Wednesday so I can do final layout adjustments ready to send to print at the end of the week!

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