New in Portfolio: A Little Opulent

I am privileged to have been given the opportunity to work with the girls over at A LITTLE OPULENT, an online magazine for embracing creativity, passions and creative interests. It's a great outlet for my creativity as not only do I get to contribute features on a fortnightly basis but occasionally I also produce illustrations to sit alongside other features.

Drawing was something that I had somewhat put on the back-burner during university and for some time afterwards, but being asked to be a part of such an amazing experience and team was hard to turn down. Although I don't feel like I am quite up to the level that I used to be at, it's great to be given the opportunity to produce some work and to also keep practicing in the meantime. It's also given me the confidence to say 'yes' when asked to draw people, which I would have otherwise avoided. 

You can find a few of my other illustrations for the magazine on my PORTFOLIO which has been updated today, or if you have a bit of free time have a look at A LITTLE OPULENT for yourself. Jam-packed with content and a host of incredible writers, illustrators and photographers, you're bound to find something that takes your fancy.

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