Stamp Series: Cappadocia

There's something so pleasing about seeing hot air balloons mid-flight and there are very few places on earth that combine this sight with an even more spectacular back-drop. Cappadocia in Turkey ticks all of the boxes.

Possibly one of the most famous destinations for tourists visiting Turkey, Cappadocia first appeared on my radar after Dan and I holidayed in Antalya. As one of the excursions organised by the travel company we had booked our holiday with, the place had me somewhat mesmerised. The "fairy"-like chimneys that are dotted around are all clusters of rock that were carved out by cave dwellers to make homes (and to this day, you can even stay inside them).

Unfortunately the excursion was a little bit out of our price range, but did include an overnight stay in the rock homes and with the opportunity to then be able to take a hot air balloon ride over the formations, I am a little disappointed that we couldn't see Cappadocia for ourselves. Until we are able to go back, I will have this little illustration to hand so I know what I'm missing.

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