Sprout Clout

Possibly the world’s most hated vegetable?! It’s your brief to make Brussels Sprouts the coolest veg on the planet, so your client can sell sack loads of them all year round and not just at Christmas! Think through the line.

One of my four choices for the Industry Awards module was the Sprout Clout brief given by the Roses Student Awards. From my initial research I found that the main reason why people have such a dislike towards this vegetable is because of overcooking, commonly found from boiling the sprouts for too long. This leaves a rather unpleasant taste that is liked by very few people. Because of this I set about trying to address the problem, looking into other methods of cooking that can help to retain the fresh taste and encourage people to introduce sprouts into their daily meals.

Through a series of illustrations I created a character out of the vegetable and placed it in the environment of other cooking methods, creating a quirky response that emphasises the idea that sprouts don't just have to be boiled. My characters include a disco-dancing microwaveable sprout; a relaxed, roasted sprout; a daring sprout, doing the wall of death in a wok; and a sprout who is enjoying a steam in a sauna.

These illustrations were part of a conceptual poster campaign, working alongside the National Junior Horticultural Association to promote the vegetable.

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  1. Are you serious! This is AMAZING! I love this!