Drive + Little White Lies

I've almost completed my illustration for the D&AD Little White Lies brief. After many trialed sketches I felt that my work wasn't cutting it; I simply couldn't just enter a graphite drawing. Thinking back to some of my design work back at college I remembered a painting style that I had used for one of my FMP experiments and gave it a go. If it had not have turned out to my liking then I could always go back to my sketches and develop them (in a flood of tears and despair!). Fortunately I am really pleased with how it is looking.

Each half of the portrait shows a different side to Driver's character. On the right I have illustrated his stunt mask which I shall later edit to appear quite dark, showing his deeper, revengeful side that comes from his wanting to protect the object of his desire and her beloved son. On the left I have kept it quite simple, illustrating his main role in the film. I wanted to be able to hint at the deep emotions of the character by splitting the portrait in to two halves.

Overall I am really pleased with how it looks. I'm currently just waiting for the paint to dry before I can start editing it, ready to see how it appears in cover form.

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