Wot r u doin?

Revive the power of the written word. Why? Recent surveys indicate that SMS txtn is impacting on young people’s ability to spell correctly and read and write above a 5th grade level :(  And get this - in George Orwell’s dystopian fiction “1984”, he foresaw that excessive usage of short words would lead to reduced intellectual and linguistic capacity, damaging both the English language and our inclination to use a range of words to express a feeling.
Fix it.

The second Roses Student Awards brief that I chose to do was Wot r u doin?. Language is an important part of all of us and I cannot stress enough at how much of a pet peeve text speak is to me. In response to this brief I produced a series of posters along the theme of 'Love Your Language'. I wanted my posters to be seen by the public; at bus stops and on billboards, and alongside my theme and the run up to Valentines Day, I used a selection of romantically focused SMS messages as the focal point to my posters. Two versions of the same message appear, with the prose version beneath the text speak. The idea is to make the viewer think about how they would prefer the message to be told to them.

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