Creating a Difference

Finally have some work to share with you after almost a month of nothing! Aside from working on a concept for our degree show, I have been completing the creating a difference part of the module. This part focuses on self-promotion and asks us to create a personal identity (seen now as my header at the top of the page), a creative strategy document, a blog/website concept, a piece of direct mail and a portfolio concept.

At the beginning of the module I was completely thrown by the whole self-promotion thing. Although it's a vital part of becoming a designer, I had never really had much luck with trying to find the right 'look' for myself. I think the hardest thing is having to promote yourself, being able to get across the right message about who you are and how you like to work. Saying that, I have now completed this part of the module and I am pretty pleased with my outcome for each piece.

The above set of photos show my idea for my direct mail. I have been looking into Medical Illustrator and Graphic Design jobs within the NHS, and also with having work experience within this field already I am swayed somewhat into heading in that direction once I have finished university. I believe it would be a good way of gaining relevant experience. For my piece I chose to create a 'First Aid Kit (for designers)', including all the essentials to help any designer and any mishaps they may come across. In the kit also I have included my CV. I stuck with a plain and simple design as not to overwhelm and have used a QR code in place of a barcode to link any prospective employers to my blog.

I have a few more tweaks to do for the pdf presentation on Thursday, but apart from that have everything completed!

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