The Final Stretch

So this is it, my last ever term in education. Ever. I'm not quite sure yet how I feel about this. Part of me cannot wait to get into the 'real' world and start earning, hopefully with a job that I absolutely love! The other part of me is quite sad at the thought of saying goodbye to Cheltenham and my own place. What I do know is that I have spent enough years being educated now and the beginning of the rest of my life is just around the corner.

After a lovely Easter at home it's back to being focused and cracking on with the final leg of work - three self-initiated projects and one project to create a piece of merchandise to be sold at our degree show. I have already got the majority of work done for one of my self-initiated projects and have started noting down my ideas for the second.

Packaging is something I haven't really done much of over the past three years and with the chance to build up my portfolio with the last few projects I think it will be a great addition to my work. I'm hoping to create new/limited edition packaging for Heinz Farley's Rusks. As my housemate put: "The colour of the packaging screams 'old person'," and she's right. So much could be done for such a popular children's food product and I want to bring it to life, to make it more appealing to both parents and their children.

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