Stamp Series: Iceland

Who would have guessed that a country known for it's cold temperatures, wintery weather and volcanos would become the 'go-to' holiday destination for so many of us. From the truly amazing hot springs and geysers to the Northern Lights, Iceland has gone from being a country I would once have dismissed to being a destination high up on my list.

I'm lucky to have already seen the Northern Lights – albeit from a plane window – but how incredible would it be to stand beneath them and consume this amazingly beautiful bit of nature?

There have been many articles since 2008 that have mentioned the Northern Lights becoming rarer to see and it is believed that come 2017/18, they will be even more difficult to see. Which begs the question, are they on your bucket list? Although they can be spotted from Norway as well as Iceland, and sometimes even here in the UK, it seems a shame even without them not to visit this stunning country that I've portrayed in my illustration. I'm hoping when we go we will be able to cram as much in as possible as we think 3 nights will be enough (especially early on next year when it'll be super cold)!

But I would love to know your thoughts on the country and if you've been before. I love learning the best places to go, things to do and more importantly, where to eat. So if you have any travelling stories or tips to share of Iceland, let me know!

If you want to see more of the #clrkllystampseries collection, you can view my portfolio here. And if you would like to leave a suggestion for where I should travel to next, pop it in the comments below.

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