Stamp Series: Havana

I haven't done a long haul flight for a very long time, but I know that one destination I would love to do when my next opportunity arises is head straight to Cuba for the delights of Havana.

Catherine Lux of Lux Life wrote a post about the city here, which I know I'll be making full use of when the time comes. Just the image of classic cars, colourful buildings, sun, sea and sand, makes me smile from ear to ear. Looking through photographs of the city itself, I knew I had to include some sort of classic car in this next stamp. But then when I saw how beautiful the Capitol building is, my illustration had already been constructed.

In honour of the brightly coloured city, I wanted to ensure that elements in this illustration stood out and although one for more muted tones, I really love the green and orange in this stamp.

Have you been to Havana? And if so, where would you recommend staying and what are the best things to do whilst you are there?

I hope you enjoy this new addition to the series and I would love to know what you think. Leave a comment below or even a suggestion of anywhere in the world you would like to see me bring to life. To see more stamps, follow the link here.

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