3rd Year Matters

Today marked the beginning of the end; my final year at the University of Gloucestershire. We've been moved to a new campus, and thus a new building, which I have to say I'm pretty impressed with. There's still the issue of having to share design space with the 1st and 2nd years, but we've been assured that we get priority of what has been dubbed the 'Chat Room'. A room that's either too hot or too cold (though I'll admit it's a lovely big and open space).

I have my first one-on-one tutorial on Wednesday morning with our course leader. We're running through our self-initiated briefs and hopefully picking out the best of the bunch to begin working on ASAP.

So this is where it all begins. First brief has been set and now the ball is rolling. I've got to be super organised this year, even more so than usual. My walls will no doubt end up covered in lists of things that need ticking off. But I really want to do my absolute best this year, and even a little bit extra.

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