I was contacted by the supervisor of the X-ray department at the Birmingham Dental Hospital and asked whether I'd produce a purely visual sign/handout to help tackle the language barrier problem they sometimes come across with patients. I needed to create something that would inform the patient that they needed to take their dentures out before having their x-ray done.

This was a great opportunity for me as I'd get my work seen publicly. I wanted to give the hospital staff and patients something fun and engaging whilst also keeping in mind that it needed to be understood by someone that doesn't speak English very well.

I did a few sketches, but wanted to dive straight into this task. I kept the design simple and used a a few hints of colour to highlight the most important parts of the image. 


It didn't take me long and I was really pleased with the final result. The feedback I got off the staff was brilliant and I hear the signs have been used to great effect.

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