No Friends But Empty Chairs

My first ever taste of a Graphic Design brief was at college during the Pathway Stage of my foundation degree. We were all given a large booklet of quotes (which I still have at hand incase it comes to call) and were asked to pick the most interesting to us. One that stood out. For me it was "No Friends But Empty Chairs." It was that idea to me of being in a crowded room full of people, yet you still felt alone.

The concepts I began coming up with were shot down pretty much straight away by my tutor at the time. She said they were too easy and that she simply hated them. I had the determination after that to go away and prove that I could do something better. In the end I produced this:


At the time I was so pleased with the outcome. I loved everything from the type to the colours I'd chosen. However, this was my first time dealing with typography and I believe my lecturers now might have something to say about the placement of some of the words and legibility of the paler text on the image of the chairs. It's nice though to look back at past work, like this piece, and compare to how I work today. A lot has been learnt over the past couple of years and I feel that my confidence in design has grown too.

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