F is for Futuristic

This was a short brief given to make us think about letterforms. We were all given individual letters and numbers to take away and come up with a theme relating to whichever one we had received. I was quite anxious as to what I'd end up with as I didn't like the idea of getting a number or a letter such as 'V' or 'Z'.

After being handed over the bit of paper with 'f' scrawled upon it, I immediately started thinking of themes beginning with my letter that I could try and work into the shape. Time and time again I was being drawn back to my idea of doing something futuristic. It wasn't an obvious choice and I knew I'd be able to do something really creative with it. All I had to do now however was find a font that would fit with my theme and that I could mould into a futuristic figure. To do this I visited dafont and scrolled through many a page to find something that fit within my theme. Then I came across Alien Lines.

The lowercase 'f' was perfect for the futuristic figure that I wanted to create. The circular head of the 'f' looked to me like the head of a robot, bowing down in sadness or misery. This was the font I would use for my A2 sized letterform. 

My robot came out exactly how I wanted. You can see from above that I used the Alien Lines 'f' shape as the basis of the design and decorated my figure accordingly. He was made using cardboard, silver wire, aluminium foil, grey paint and black marker pen.

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