Chow Down: Bodega, Birmingham

It's not often Dan and I go out out but when we do we always make sure we book ourselves into one of the restaurants we've been dying to try for a while or somewhere we know we'll be guaranteed great food, great service and a great atmosphere. So last Saturday we celebrated date night with dinner at Bodega before heading to the New Alexandra Theatre to see Derren Brown's new show, Miracle.

Bodega is somewhere I've been wanting to try ever since it opened a few years ago however with it being in the city centre and somewhere that's always jam-packed (a good sign but a place you should really book), I have only before been there for drinks downstairs in the bar area.

Not being new to South American street food, I knew exactly what I wanted to try. After being warned by the waiter that the large nachos we had ordered to share as a starter were in fact more of a main meal for two, we opted for a small plate of chicken chipotle nachos. And boy, were they good.

For main, we both had the burritos (I had pulled beef with medium heat and Dan had chilli as hot as it comes) served with a side salad and sweet potato fries. Unfortunately the spice from the burritos was way too much and kind of ruined the overall course for both of us. Although it did help that I had ordered one of their delicious Mojitos to help cool my burning mouth.

As with most meals I have I always make sure there's room for pudding, especially when there are Churros on the menu. We shared the dessert so we wouldn't be falling asleep throughout the show that evening and it was the perfect end to the meal.

Hands down I'd say that Bodega does the best Mojitos I've ever had, as well as one of the most delicious plate of nachos (hard to find sometimes) and the sweet potato fries were amazing! Sadly for us the only thing to have ruined the main meal was the heat of the dish as even the medium was just too much to handle.

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